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Corporeal Inscription at Brunel University 26th May 2015

Synaesthesie_Maria 2

A few weeks ago Maria and I presented a new version of Corporeal Inscription at the Artaud Centre, Brunel University. The performance was part of a curated symposium on ‘Synaesthesia, Performance and Immersive Atmospheres‘, hosted by Brunel’s Centre for Contemporary and Digital Performance. We both took part in a panel discussion on the day’s theme, alongside author Arthur I. Miller, researcher/choreographer Johannes Birringer, artist Gordana Novokovich and improviser Sérgio Basbaum. There was plenty of stimulating discussion on issues concerning interdisciplinary research at the intersection of science and the arts, before the concert of multimedia performances which included audiovisual work, free improvisation, and interactive dance. Many thanks to Johannes Birringer for the invitation to participate in this event. More information on the day’s programme can be found here.