ICMC 2015 Acceptance and DVD Publication


My latest 5.1 work, Rewind in its concert form, Rewind [modus operandi] has been accepted for the International Computer Music Conference at the University of North Texas, USA in September 2015. I’m delighted that the work has also been chosen for a DVD publication of selected works from the conference. More news on the DVD release anon…

Art and Sound Symposium, Leicester


Last weekend (4 July) I presented a paper at the Art and Sound Symposium at the Phoenix Cinema in Leicester. The symposium brought together composers and researchers covering a broad range of current topics such as sound mapping, sound archaeology, digital typography, and the role of ‘place’ in sound art and composition. My presentation was entitled ‘Forgotten Sites of Listening: A Narratological Approach to Tech-nostalgia in Sound Art’. I looked at the ways in which tech-nostalgia might support narrativity by deconstructing three case studies. The notion of tech-nostalgia must have struck a chord so to speak, as discussion of this seemed to dominate during the closing panel discussion!

Workshop for Prince’s Teaching Institute ‘Composing for Film’ Event


On 2nd July I delivered a workshop as part of a Prince’s Teaching Institute event at City University focussing on composing for film. The day, organised by Dr Miguel Mera and the Prince’s Teaching Institute, included talks and workshops on composing, teaching and analysing music for film. My workshop looked at using open source software for sound design. The full programme can be downloaded here.

Rewind at NYCEMF, New York, 27 June 2015


Rewind was performed at the New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival this weekend. Unfortunately I couldn’t attend in person, but it sounds like the marathon festival (27 concerts over 7 days!) was a great success.

Corporeal Inscription at Brunel University 26th May 2015

Synaesthesie_Maria 2

A few weeks ago Maria and I presented a new version of Corporeal Inscription at the Artaud Centre, Brunel University. The performance was part of a curated symposium on ‘Synaesthesia, Performance and Immersive Atmospheres‘, hosted by Brunel’s Centre for Contemporary and Digital Performance. We both took part in a panel discussion on the day’s theme, alongside author Arthur I. Miller, researcher/choreographer Johannes Birringer, artist Gordana Novokovich and improviser Sérgio Basbaum. There was plenty of stimulating discussion on issues concerning interdisciplinary research at the intersection of science and the arts, before the concert of multimedia performances which included audiovisual work, free improvisation, and interactive dance. Many thanks to Johannes Birringer for the invitation to participate in this event. More information on the day’s programme can be found here.

New CD Release

Resonancias CD

Papyrus has been included on a new compilation release of prize-winning works from the Destellos Competition (Argentina) 2009-2013. The CD, entitled ‘Resonancias’ has been released by CMMAS, el Centro Mexicano para la Música y las Artes Sonoras. Many thanks to Elsa Justel at the Destellos Foundation for coordinating the release.

Capsicum Fever at Metanast, MediaCityUK


Thanks to Manoli Moriaty and the team at Metanast for programming Capsicum Fever in their recent event (26th September 2014) at MediaCityUK in Manchester. Full programme is here. Sadly I couldn’t be at the event in person, which was a shame as it looked like a great programme in a fantastic venue.

Open Data Institute Lecture Series 08/11/13


Many thanks to the Open Data Institute for hosting me as a speaker in their Friday lunchtime lecture series.  The talk I gave today was entitled ‘Open data as musical material‘. As well as presenting some brief outlines on some of my work, Kathryn Corrick and I discussed some of the creative and ethical concerns of working with data as compositional material. Incidentally, Kathryn, who is the ODI’s Training Business Manager, has an excellent personal blog where she collects information on sonification projects:


One to bookmark!


Awarded Qobuz/Abeille Music prize at CMMR


Following the performance of Capsicum Fever at the 10th International Symposium on Computer Music Multidisciplinary Research in Marseille, the work has been awarded the Qobuz/Abeille Music Prize (ex aequo) for the best music contribution in the conference. The prize offers free distribution on all the online music platforms piloted by Abeille Musique. In addition, my works will be promoted on the Qobuz streaming site.

Performance in Argentina 05/10/13


La Voz del Fuelle will be performed in a concert at the National University of Mar del Plata, Argentina, on the 5th of October. This is the final event of a 3-day conference organised by the Destellos Foundation and the Faculty of Humanities at the National University of Mar del Plata. More information.